What We Do

Building Better Businesses

Having a successful business is just the tip of the iceberg. Growing a successful business beyond the point of one or two successful locations, or applying a successful international franchise model to Canada requires an entirely different set of skills. Northern Lights will work with you every step of the way as all the layers and infrastructure required are created, adapted and/or refined brick by brick. In essence, we become an integral part of your management team as we plan and execute your growth strategy. From "planting-to-harvesting", this expertise  includes, among other areas:  

  1. Feasibility, Strategy and Planning  
  2. Market Entry Studies for International Franchisors. 
  3. Operations and Management Manuals for Franchisee Operations, Franchisors, Area Representatives / Master Franchisees
  4. Translations and adaptations of International Manuals to Canadian norms including English to French. 
  5. Infrastructure, Systems, Policy and Procedures development in accordance with industy best practices.
  6. Financial analysis including determination of franchisee "normalized EBITDA", Financial Performance Representations, Estimated Development Costs, Financing Programs and Debt:Equity Ratios
  7. Sales, Franchisee / Licensee Recruitment and Expansion 
  8. Franchisor / Franchisee Relationship Management and Communications
  9. Seed Capital and Management Resources  
  10. Harvesting (Divestment)
  11. Expert Witness expertise in franchising matters

Northern Lights will work with you and your business every step of the way to make your vision of the future a reality.